Going digital is just the beginning. With the advance of technology, more and more quality service offerings can be customized effectively and optimally to every client.

More and more application of technology in the feel of customer experience has been helping the banking service experience become intuitive and natural.

The way forwards is not limited to technology but an integrated experience of both human empathy and AI capacity.

In a report from Accenture, five trends are identified that will transform the banking branch space beginning from the banks’ operations to their customers’ designed experience:

1. DARQ Power:

The four technology that wil undoubtely be inegrated within the banking office space are: Distributed Ledger, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Quantum Computing. The designers thus working on such a project must consider a more robust technological infrastructure solution underneath an ever-customer-friendly interior surface.

2. Get to know me:

To build a more intimacy relationship with customer, it is an interesting challenge to communicate a design language that both speak professionalism and familiarity. Similar to the co-working space design language, but a tad more formal, it is within a limit that designers can foster break-through solution.

3. Human+ Worker:

More than just a space for business conduct, the branch is also a workstation that enable the employees to perform and grow in both their empathetic touch with the clients but also in their expertly interaction with the technological advanced operation system of the bank. Improvement will not come immediately and transition is the keyword.

4. Secure and Protect Everyone:

Above all, an invisible bubble that do not signify hostility and power but still provide the clients a sense of assurance that they are dealing business within a trusted and protected space. This can be answered by integration of increasing connected customer solution experience that less and less be depended on physical document but more and more digital ID.

5. Always-on Banking

Automation is both the question and solution to deliver a 24/7 banking comprehensive experience. In this dilemma, the boundary of interior and exterior function is tested vigorously. Will the bank branch still be awake for customers even though its employees have all been resting!


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