Activity based working (ABW) recognizes that through the course of any day, employees engage in many different activities that require different types of work settings.

Thus, in ABW offices, individual employees are not delegated to a particular workstation. To make work effective, efficient and more enjoyable for both the organization and the employee, ABW provides employees the freedom to decide for themselves: how to work, where to work, which tools to use and with whom to collaborate to get the work done.

The following 6 types of flex space are designed to meet the needs of different styles of work, promoting the application of ABW in an office:

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1. Pods

Pods is a small, self-contained, quiet space designed for concentration, avoid distraction and lack of privacy. They can be used for heads-down work, calls, virtual meetings, and solo productivity.

2. Huddle rooms

The huddle room is a small meeting area equipped with audio, video, and display software. Meant for one person or a small group, huddle rooms provide employees with quiet collaboration spaces in impromptu, scheduled or ad-hoc meetings.

3. Office cafeterias and kitchens

Office cafeterias and kitchens serve as a popular gathering place for events and large meetings. The natural open design results in cross-department knowledge sharing, mingling and collaboration.

4. Stairs

Stairs serve as another hub for social interaction and collaborative space in modern office design. Front and center, often making an appearance as early as the lobby or smack dab in the middle of the office, stairs connect people from all departments and support activity-based working.

5. Libraries

Libraries in office design is a more open alternative to the one-person pod. It provides quiet time and focus work, a great place to escape the noise of an open office while being surrounded by like-minded individuals, inspiring productivity.

6. Lounge areas

Lounge areas add a particular ambiance to the office, making it as comfortable as your own home or the local coffee. The couches and coffee tables are perfect areas for ad-hoc meetings, quick collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and focus time, all in one.